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5 Sitcom Kitchens to Aid your Design

The kitchen is the heart of the home and that’s why so many sitcom families spend their time there. Here are five of our favourite kitchen designs from the small screen you could use to inform your own designs.


We’ll leave Joey and Chandler’s kitchen where it is and head over the hallway to Monica’s flat. Her kitchen shows an excellent use of space. It’s ideal for those who want a functional environment that is economical with space.

Everything is within easy reach and wall shelves are built into the design. The large fridge is freestanding and separate from the preparation surfaces but the sink and oven are built in. The whole kitchen space sits nicely in a corner. Is ergonomically designed, and contains plenty of storage and room for decor. This is a little kitchen that packs a lot of punch. Ideal for the young professional, and their friends.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Set entirely in a mansion in Bel Air. The stylish kitchen of the Banks family was the envy of everyone in the early 1990’s. The kitchen was large and spacious. Very much the hub of the house and an ideal space for the butler Geoffrey to base himself in.

Two floating islands allowed acres of surface space for food preparation and plenty of free standing stools encouraged the family to stay and chat. Glass fronted cabinets to show off the expensive crockery and a massive double oven that could cook for a large family.

The Banks family had a kitchen to die for. If you’ve got the space and a large family. This may be a design worth looking at. Classic and has stood the test of time.


The elegant apartment shared by Frasier Crane and his father was the height of sophistication in the 1990’s. Although much of the action centred around the lounge space. The kitchen was a secondary hub, used for preparing romantic dinners and food for large parties.

A central island containing a huge hob surrounded by an elegant space designed with the spectator in mind. This is a kitchen that definitely has bespoke and made to measure kitchen doors. Every cupboard is glass fronted and there was no shortage of appliances and kitchen accoutrements on display. High society, ostentatious, all in a moderate space. Ideal for the upwardly mobile couple. Or the bachelor with high society ambition.

Happy Days

If you’re a fan of the classic design then you might want to dig out some old episodes of Happy Days and watch Ron Howard and Henry Winkler strut their stuff (Eyyyh!).

The Cunningham kitchen was bright, airy and full of personality. Blue counter tops matched with frilly curtains and wonderful matching wallpaper. For fans who enjoy putting a little retro feel into their designs. There could be something worth borrowing from those Happy Days and the wonderful Mrs. Cunningham.

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon is a man who needs to know where everything is. You can see that from his spartan and minimalist kitchen design. Tucked into one corner of his much larger apartment, the kitchen definitely plays second fiddle to the lounge space.

Hardwood flooring with matching cupboards and chrome appliances give the kitchen a lovely finish. But this isn’t an area where they spend lots of time or do a lot of cooking. It’s spartan and small. Ideal for the person who doesn’t do home-cooking and invariably gets take-out instead.

Hope you have enjoyed this trip to the small screen. Sometimes inspiration on your kitchen design is closer than you think. It may just be a simple click on the remote control away.

Photo: Kitchen by smadden licensed under Creative commons 2
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