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Making your Rented Kitchen your Own

There are plenty of advantages to renting your own apartment or house, but perhaps the biggest disappointment is the lack of personality you can put on the place. Even though the home is your own, sometimes landlords are stingy about letting you change the place, whether it’s painting the walls or hanging up picture frames.

Often, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It’s where your family gathers to eat. Where you and your friends will talk about the world. Where romantic dinners take place over candlelight. So why settle for anything less than perfection in the kitchen, the very heart of your home? There are some easy hacks you can take to turn your kitchen from boring to brilliant. All without breaking the bank.

Little Changes Make a Big Difference

Sometimes, just the small things can make all the difference to your kitchen. Invest in some patterned or brightly coloured door fixtures and handles to switch out duller metal pieces for an individual touch to drawers and cupboards. Often you can find these at supermarkets or DIY specialist stores. Though more intricately designed pieces are more easily found online on sites like Etsy. A lot of rental spaces are perilously small. So these tiny little additions can change up the design of your kitchen without needing to completely remodel.

A more permanent addition you could make to your property is to change your kitchen door. Replacement kitchen doors, particularly high gloss kitchen doors, can not only give your kitchen a design boost, but can save you a great deal of money on lost heat and energy. Of course, bringing in a brand-new door is something to discuss with the land-person of your home, but if it is likely to improve the general aesthetic of the house, most will support your decision. A kitchen door can add a dash of style to a generally bland kitchen, particularly with chrome designs and elegant styles.

Get Closer to Nature

Get some greenery into your kitchen! Plants add a natural touch to your kitchen and will make even the smallest of areas feel just that bit closer to nature. For the horticultural connoisseur, long-leafed house-plants add a touch of elegance to any room and make your space appear just that bit more luxurious in the long term. Struggling to keep plants alive or just can’t pay much attention to them? Long-lasting planets, such as cacti, make excellent additions to any kitchen, without requiring the knowledge of an experienced gardener.

A lot of kitchens are decorated with cheaper materials, such as linoleum and plastic surfaces. Rather than living out your dreams through Pinterest, staring at Hamptons-style kitchens with marble topped surfaces, you can make your kitchen look just as elegant with a little addition of vinyl. With thousands of styles existing, you can use vinyl coverings to create the illusion of marble counter tops in a variety of colours. Alternatively, invest in extra large wooden chopping boards and other table-top covers to take the gaze away from any ugly toppings.

A rental kitchen has swathes of possibility, despite how blank the canvas is when you begin. Small changes can create a room that feels more personable and homelier, or gain a luxurious edge that you would expect to see in a fancy penthouse or larger home. Though removable wallpaper can make great differences around the home, these little tips will take your kitchens to the very next level of style and design.

Best of all, when it comes time to move, you can take these pieces with you and dress up your brand new kitchen in a whole variety of new ways.

Photo: 03.jpg by nhadatvideo licensed under Creative commons 2
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