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Shabby Chic Kitchens on a Shoestring

One of the most versatile and creative interior design themes for kitchens, is shabby chic. Not sure what that is?

It’s essentially making your kitchen cabinets and other furniture look slightly worn, aged and full of character. This can include adding appropriately “vintage” accessories and utensils on your wall shelves, windowsills and work surfaces.

It’s important to note though. That this kitchen theme includes the word “chic”, meaning sophisticated and stylish. Having a shabby kitchen, that looks well past its best, is not going to cut it! Think in terms of understated glamour from a bygone age, or rustic charm.

Why Shabby Chic is Popular

One of the wonderful things about shabby chic as a kitchen design, is that “old” never gets…”old”!

Nostalgia and keeping hold of the best things from the past makes sense and can be particularly lovely in family living spaces.

Which is why the trend for artificially “distressed” furniture has been around for a long time.

The popularity of shabby chic is also because it brings with it an atmosphere of warmth and romance. Shabby Chic connects your modern home to simpler times in the past. It suggests a comfortable and well-loved kitchen. Rather than a shiny contemporary one that looks too perfect to use!

One of the other advantages of shabby chic kitchens, is that you can include genuinely old and less than perfect items with ease. So, for example, you could proudly display a chipped tea set or a hand-me-down set of drawers, while still staying in the theme.

Shabby Chic on a Tight Budget

For many homeowners, the biggest benefit of a shabby chic kitchen is that it not only looks great, but it can also be achieved on a shoestring.

That’s not to say you can cut corners. You will still need to set aside some of your budget for good quality replacement kitchen doors for example. You want your artificially distressed cupboards to stand up to wear and tear well.

This means creating magically aged cabinetry from highly affordable melamine faced chipboard.

There are plenty of suppliers of speciality shabby chic paints for kitchens. These tend to give a chalky or “cracked” finish. They would usually be in paler shades. Such as duck egg blue, light yellow or off white. They are relatively easy to apply, to get the perfect shabby chic worn look.

Creativity in your Kitchen

A pastel or soft colour theme for your kitchen will keep it within the general view of what shabby chic looks like. It’s a soft and wistful design style.

That’s not to say you can’t have fun and put your own personal stamp on a shabby chic kitchen though. That can include adding fabrics and accessories that suit your own tastes and preferences.

Usually, homeowners include pretty, rather than bold, soft furnishings in shabby chic kitchens. But this is the ultimate mix and match interior design trend, so anything goes.

The idea is to make your kitchen furniture, fabrics and accessories look like they have been collected over time. So your selection can be as assorted as you like.

Shabby Chic kitchens are also the perfect backdrop for you to experiment with another hugely popular design trend. Recycling and up-cycling.

This is when you take an old and possibly sentimentally valuable item and turn it into something functional or decorative.

For example, old pots and pans can become kitchen windowsill planters. Old suitcases can be piled up as coffee tables. And antique cutlery can become wall art or wind chimes.

First Step for a Shabby Chic Kitchen

Call us to price up made to measure kitchen doors, to get started on your shabby chic kitchen design. The final effect for your new kitchen might be “distressed”, but with our help and keen prices, you won’t be!

Photo: DSC_2718 by njhomepictures licensed under Creative commons 6
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