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How to measure up for your replacement kitchen doors & drawer fronts

Follow these simple steps to ensure that your measurements for your replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts are accurate.

  • Always work in millimetres – here at the Merseytimber our online ordering system & all of our highly accurate machines operate in millimetres, having to convert from inches to millimetres can cause inaccuracies.
  • Be methodical – for example, start by measuring all of your wall unit doors, then do your base unit doors, then finish with your drawer fronts, this way will ensure you do not accidentally miss a door or drawer front from your order.
  • Open the door or drawer and measure from the inside. This is because the back sides of kitchen doors and drawer fronts are usually flat so you will be able to get an accurate measurement.
  • Measure the height first and then the width. As a general rule, the height is the longer length on doors and will be the direction the grain will run in unless you tick the “reverse grain” box when ordering to reverse the grain. NB: on drawer fronts the grain will run along the horizontal length unless otherwise requested.

If you require hinge holes to be drilled into your doors for hanging:

After you have measured each kitchen door you should measure the distance from the top of the door to the centre of the hinge hole and do the same for the bottom.

If these distances are the same then your replacement kitchen door is universal hanging meaning you can turn it over and it can be hung on the left or the right hand side.

However, if these distances are different then you need to specify when ordering that your door is either left or right hanging and ensure you put the distances from top and bottom in the correct order.


How to measure kitchen doors video


“I ‘d wanted to update my tired, outdated kitchen for years now, but the expense of a new fully fitted kitchen always seemed just out of reach. After thinking about it for a while I decided to go for the much cheaper option of replacement kitchen doors, rather than a whole new kitchen.

I looked around DIY stores and found a problem, the sizes weren’t quite right for my units and there wasn’t really very much choice in terms of colours. I decided to do a bit of research and I came across Merseytimber on-line and I was amazed by how simple it was to order from them.

My biggest worry in ordering doors on-line was whether they would fit properly but their instructions are so easy to follow that I had no doubt at all they would be a perfect match and fit when they arrived and I was right! Their prices were pretty competitive too, with one of the standard size doors for my units coming in at just under £17, I knew it wasn’t going to cost a fortune to do the lot!

The doors are really tough and durable and come edged in PVC in a matching or contrasting colour, in the end I chose white gloss doors to keep the look sleek and simple, but there’s a big variety in wood grain effects and they came in so many shades and tones that I struggled to choose.

There’s a brilliant little video that shows you exactly how to measure your own doors. It links through to YouTube and tells you exactly how to do it step by step so that by the time I’d finished I was confident I was sending them exactly the right dimensions. I’m not very DIY-minded but even I couldn’t get it wrong after I’d watched the video a couple of times!

There was also a really good array of accessories to go with the doors; I got my 90 degree hinges and some new T-Bar handles too.

The staff I dealt with when I rang up with queries were really friendly and helpful, they had an answer to all my questions and I didn’t feel daft asking them things, even though the answers were always pretty simple. The doors were delivered pre-drilled for the hinges as I’d requested, which made hanging them so much easier. There’s another instructional video to watch to show me how to change the doors myself. After spending hours trying to figure out difficult instructions on flat-pack furniture I’d ordered in the past it was so much easier to be able to watch how to do it online and pause the video as I went along. It’s definitely an easier way to do things!

I couldn’t fault Merseytimber’s replacement kitchen doors at any level. They look great, were easy to order and fit and when I needed to talk to the firm the staff were superb. I’d recommend them to anybody who’s looking to brighten up their kitchen without shelling out a fortune, it’s an absolutely first class service at a really affordable price.”

Kev, Aigburth, Liverpool.