Replacement Wardrobe Doors – Made To Measure

If the wardrobe doors in your bedroom are beginning to look like they have seen better days. You’re probably considering replacing them with a modern set. But the cost to replace built-in wardrobes in their entirety is very expensive. You can however achieve the same end result, at a fraction of the cost, with made to measure replacement wardrobe doors.

Replacement Wardrobe Door Samples

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Build your Wardrobe Doors and Drawers Below

Our PVC edged replacement wardrobe doors and drawer fronts are can be manufactured in ultra-modern finishes. With sleek, sharp lines and in a range of up to the minute colours.

If you’re aiming to achieve a more traditional look in your bedroom. Doors and wardrobe drawers are also available in classic wood grains and plain colours too. You can select any colour from our range, and have doors cut & edged in strong durable PVC edging tape to fit your exact specifications. We are also able to edge in either a matching PVC colour, or a contrasting colour. Giving you all the options you could need for your new wardrobe doors.

We manufacture 18mm thick PVC edged made to measure replacement wardrobe doors and drawer fronts. These are available in both standard sizes or made to measure to your bespoke specifications.

Please note that the grain runs along the height (vertically) on all doors. And horizontally (along the longer length) on all drawer fronts. However, you do have the option to request this to be changed to your requirements.


If you’re modernising your bedroom with some replacement wardrobe doors. Then you will need handles and hinges to complete the look. From the traditional door knob to modern bar handles. We are sure to have the accessories to compliment your choice of doors and drawers.

Looking for Entire Wardrobe Units?

With Mersey MDF you have a number of options at your disposal. You can either replace existing bedroom wardrobe doors and drawer fronts. A great value alternative to replacing your whole bedroom. Or, if you are looking for a complete change, you could order cut and edged melamine faced chipboard from us. With this you can build new units. And have wardrobe doors manufactured to exactly fit, and match, your new units.

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Standard sizes:

or Made to measure (mm):

Maximum height = 2500 mm

Maximum depth = 796 mm

Note: Grain direction runs parallel to the height.

3 Hinge Holes

Do you require hinge holes
(£2.4 per hole)

£2.40 for the first pair and then £1.20 for each subsequent pair




DISCLAIMER - Real wood veneered MDF
Because wood is a natural material, every piece of hardwood veneer will have a unique appearance, often with naturally-occurring variations in color, texture and grain pattern. Showroom samples and photographic reproductions can give an example of the product’s appearance but they may not be representative of the full range of color, texture and grain variations, which can occur in the product itself. The images we have provided are for reference only and should not be used as the sole basis for choosing a particular variant of veneer. Our veneered MDF door and wall shelf products come unfinished and, as such, will require further work by the end user e.g. fine sanding; waxing; oiling; varnishing etc. Natural wood products will undergo a change in color when exposed to the ambient light in a home environment. Generally colors become richer and grain patterns more harmonized. The effect will vary by species.

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