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modern kitchen

How to Clean Kitchen Cupboard Doors

If you have recently replaced your kitchen doors with new made to measure replacement doors. Then you are going to want to keep them looking as clean as new possible for as long as you can. If your ne..

modern interior kitchen

Have-a-go Heroes of Lockdown DIY

For many DIY stands for Don’t Involve Yourself. Just get a man who can. Yet the lockdown forced by the current Coronavirus crisis has given people a seemingly inordinate amount of time to fill in a ..

living room shelves

Simple Shelving Ideas to Increase Space in your Home

  After Christmas and into the new year storage space often becomes an issue in the home. Finding a place for all those presents you received becomes a problem. And that’s before you even t..

shelf mustard

How to Organise your Kitchen Cupboards

So you’ve just installed your glossy new replacement kitchen doors and you’re revelling in the trendy, modern look and feel. Who wouldn’t! Now the real work can begin with your kitch..

replacement kitchen doors

Make a Bold Statement with a Refurbished Kitchen Door

Replacing a door is never a welcome piece of home improvement. They can be costly and if you’re doing it yourself, fiddly to install. However, it can also be the perfect chance to make a bold st..

replacement kitchen doors

Four Seasonal Ways to Decorate your Kitchen and Lift the Mood!

The festive season is coming! We don’t know if you’ll get that new kitchen you want. The weatherman can’t promise you snow. But there is one thing you can control, and that’s the look at the h..

grey kitchen

Winter Kitchen Renovations can be Quicker and Cheaper

During the winter season, there are many things that take priority in your house. Christmas and the other holidays mean that a huge amount of planning is involved. Which also usually results in lots o..

retro light

Industrial-Style Kitchen Ideas

The industrial-themed kitchen combines steel, wood and natural materials to create a functional yet ultra stylish kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, natural brick and wood, together with lots of kit..

white tile kitchen

The Rules of Kitchen Colours

It is often said that home is where the heart is, but really, it’s the kitchen! The kitchen is the life hub of the home. It is used multiple times a day, by nearly everyone who lives there. It c..

traditional grey kitchen

Creating your Kitchen Colour Scheme from Scratch

New design trends come and go, but most of us want a kitchen we can live with forever – or at least the next 5 years. Yet choosing a colour palette can seem incredibly daunting with conflicting ..

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