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Winter Kitchen Renovations can be Quicker and Cheaper

During the winter season, there are many things that take priority in your house. Christmas and the other holidays mean that a huge amount of planning is involved. Which also usually results in lots of stress. Combined with the number of guests who come to visit. Things like home renovations tend to take a back seat.

However, the very fact that most people decide that winter is not the time for renovations can work in your favour. Allowing you to complete work and updates both cheaper and faster than you would in the summer. Our experts at Mersey MDF, Plas & Ply are always looking for ways to give great advice to our customers. So have created this short guide on kitchen renovations in the winter.

1. Decide in Advance What you Want to do

Whether you are just looking for a replacement kitchen door and new wall shelves. Or if you need a total kitchen upgrade. It is vital to know exactly what you want done before you undertake the work. Not only will this allow you to thoroughly research the new fixtures and fittings that you need. But, it will also allow you to properly budget the renovation too.

In addition, knowing exactly what you need to do will allow you to create a timetable for the work, so that you can plan to have everything completed just in time for Christmas dinner. Remember to leave some contingency time!

2. Professionals Will Often be More Available, and May be Cheaper

As there are traditionally fewer renovations done over the winter period. Finding professionals to help you in your kitchen transformation is likely to be easier than in the summer. These professionals are likely to be able and willing to work longer hours and will be more flexible with this work. Especially if they are trying to earn a bit more money to cover the costs of Christmas presents!

As these professions will be working on fewer jobs simultaneously, it is also likely that they can concentrate solely on your project. Having it finished far quicker than a summer renovation.

3. Suppliers are also More Likely to be Flexible on Prices

The reduced amount of work undertaken over the winter months has an effect on suppliers too. Many of whom are looking to move as much stock as possible during the quieter trading periods.

This means that you will be more likely to get great deals on your new fixtures and fittings. Helping you to complete the project on a lower budget. Fewer sales also mean they will be more flexible and faster when delivering your items. Again helping you to keep your project on schedule.

4. Customer Services are More Helpful

Should there be a problem and something goes wrong. Speaking to customer services during the winter is often a better experience than during the summer.

While this fact may be surprising. Companies are naturally invested in helping their customers solve problems before the Christmas period. As any problems that become linked to ruining Christmas for a family will severely damage customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Therefore, companies will often take on more customer service staff during this period. And give their employees more freedom when it comes to solving problems and offering alternative solutions.

At Mersey MDF, Plas & Ply, we pride ourselves on supplying our clients with high-quality kitchen doors and wall shelves. Whether you are looking for melamine faced chipboard or made to measure kitchen doors. Our experts can help you find exactly what you need. For more information, please contact us today.

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