colour influences cooking

How Colour Influences Your Cooking

The psychology of colour has a large role to play in your kitchen. The wavelengths of different colours have been proven to have an effect on your emotions and physical well being. While trying to pick the perfect colour theme, consider the effect that certain colours will have on your mood and cooking style.

Choosing your Colour Scheme

We recommend sticking to a two-colour theme. This will help the overall look stay cohesive and reduce the likelihood of clashing colours. For example, say you choose green and white. The shade of the green (how saturated the colour is) and the value (how dark it is) can change however you like – as long as it stays green. Green will boost your likelihood of learning new cooking techniques and white will command a clean, hygienic cooking environment.

If you’ve decided to go for a bold, concentrated colour, then use it sparingly. Overpowering your kitchen with one saturated colour will overwhelm any other emotions in the space. If you want a kitchen that makes a statement, choose a saturated colour for your high gloss kitchen cupboards, but make the walls and counter tops a muted, gentle colour.

The colour of your kitchen will influence your choice of food as well as your psyche, so choose carefully. The following is a list of common colours and what emotional reactions they generate, but going with your gut feeling is a good idea. Your brain will automatically choose the colour that is the least stressful for you.

Colours and What They Mean


Brown is a great colour to inspire feelings of home. In feng shui teachings, brown is said to be the colour of the earth, so it grounds you. Pair it with a light blue to inspire natural harmony between earth and water. Be careful not to use too much brown in your decorating, as large amounts can feel monotonous.


Bright red is an energetic, passionate colour that will fill your cooking with love and passion and help you create dishes that show off your heart and soul. Why not go with a high-gloss, funky red for your appliances to help you whip up a storm of hearty, feel-good food?


Similar to red but without the emotional weight, orange will give you the energy you need to achieve your culinary dreams – orange gives people more energy and inspires a playful creativity. It is a particularly good option if you have kids, as it will help them feel more relaxed in the kitchen and get them excited about helping out.


Grey will give your kitchen a cool, elegant feel. More impersonal than other colours, it will encourage a calm, neutral frame of mind. For those whole live in cold areas, a pure grey kitchen can be warmed up with a hint of colour. If you are looking for something with more pop, grey is a great partner in crime with bright primary colours.


Be careful when using pure white as your main colour. Although it inspires good hygiene, white can be overpowering. A pure white kitchen will exude confidence and precision while you cook. We like to add a wooden texture to large white surface areas, as wood introduces a friendlier, more welcoming tone to your decor.


A wave of calm will overcome you when you choose blue, so it’s a great choice for those who are uncertain in the kitchen. If you don’t take your food to seriously and just want to whip up something simple, then blue is your best choice. As the colour of dreamers, cooking will be a peaceful delight.


If you don’t like the pizzazz of red or the tranquillity of blue, green will serve you well. Throughout history, the colour green has been used to symbolise growth. Use your green kitchen decor as a tool to keep you on your toes in the kitchen and inspire you to create new dishes.

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